The President/COO Of Goldman Sachs Is A DJ On The Nights And Weekends, Just Like *That One* Friend From High School

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Everyone has that one stupidly-successful friend who side hustles as a DJ on the nights and weekends. Sure, they’re a doctor or lawyer or investment banker in the 9-to-5 grind. But come Friday night, they’re behind the tables with a pair of shades on as DJ Neon Cobra, keeping the party bumping with tropical house bangers.

Turns out the President/COO of one of the largest investment groups in the world is also an EDM DJ on the side. 55-year-old President/COO of Goldman Sachs, David M. Solomon, is all about the DJ game. The New York Times even tracked down his efforts as DJ D-Sol:

“Great fun this weekend spinning at Nipper’s in Great Guana Cay,” Mr. Solomon, 55, wrote in a recent Instagram post accompanying video of the performance under his stage name, D.J. D-Sol. “Beautiful day and fun crowd celebrating the 4th.”


He made his DJ Instagram private after the article hit, but it turns out that he’s quite into his hobby, just like that one DJ friend of yours from high school who is always sending you Facebook invites to his club sets.

Mr. Solomon’s hobby has become a more or less monthly gig, with recent stops in New York, Miami and the Bahamas, all noted on the Instagram page. (Among the Manhattan venues where he has spun, according to the page, are Beautique in East Midtown and The Whales on Clinton Street.)

“David’s always believed that having a wide range of outside interests leads to a balanced life and makes for a better career,” said Jake Siewert, a Goldman spokesman. “He’s preached that regularly to younger employees in the firm and tries to lead by example.”

Mr. Solomon led a study about improving the quality of life for Goldman’s junior bankers that resulted in new curbs on the hours they could work on weekends.

Shortly after The New York Times called, the Instagram page was made private.

But a roughly 30-second clip shot during the performance on July 4 depicts Mr. Solomon, wearing a baseball cap with headphones over it and a T-shirt bearing the name of Casamigos Tequila, adjusting the music as women in bikinis and shirtless men wearing board shorts dance on a deck below. Speakers blast music from the roof of the club, which was holding its weekly pig roast that day.

No shame in the DJ game, D-Sol. Hope to see you on the mainstage at EDC Vegas next year.

It’d be lit.

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