Golf Fight Ends In Such A Gentlemanly Manner After Chap Gets Smashed In The Face

We take you to Fossil Trace Golf Club in Colorado, which says on their website that they are “Ranked As One of Denver’s Best Golf Courses.” But on this day of golf, it wasn’t about the picturesque scenery and fresh air. That is because a real donnybrook erupted on the 18th hole on the course.

Instagram user jabrams77 details the fight:

Went out to my favorite course with Kevin on my last day in CO and witnessed some absolutely ridiculous #fightclub on the 18th hole after someone hit right into the group on the green. Who says white ppl don’t brawl? #golffight #denver #neverlayup #whitemalematurity #fossiltracegolfclub

The dude in the pink polo is highly aggressive from the get-go. Comes out of the gates with intent to end the other fella’s day of golfing and leisure one hole early. He shoves the other dude and then everyone puts up their dukes. A lot of fancy footwork by pink polo, but not much else. Pink throws a haymaker but it doesn’t connect. Then blue polo SMASHED pink in the face with a right punch that stuns the fuck out of the aggressor AND sends his hat flying 15-feet. All of the sudden, pink doesn’t want to fight and puts down his fists and offers to shake hands like gentlemen to signify the end of the fight and that everything is cool. Pretty convenient timing when your swallowing gallons of your own blood because you just got wrecked.

Pink polo should have taken the invaluable wisdom of Mike Tyson if he couldn’t take one punch to the face.

However, it is still not the worst thing that can happen on a golf course.