Gonzaga Bro Scares Easily, So Naturally His Roommates Prank The Life Out Of Him For An Entire Year

The story goes that these Gonzaga bros discovered very early on that their roommate Kedo (Chris) was a big, cowardly lion. They found out that with the slightest Kedo would jump out of his shoes. So naturally these roommates decided to film themselves scaring the piss out of Kedo for an entire school year, because that’s what good roommates do. The footage, spanning an entire school year (possibly more), is actually quite astounding. This kid’s terrified of his own shadow, but in a ‘how is he possibly that skittish?!’ sort of way. P.s., around 2:30 there may be what some of you deem as ‘nsfw’ footage, but don’t worry, all the naughty bits are covered up by a banana.

When I first started watching this video I was thinking to myself that there’s no possibly way this bro was that jumpy. The slightest disruption in his life and that dude’s jumping out of his shoes and running for the hills. Nobody’s that scared within their own household (I guess unless your roommates are brining the psychological warfare). But as the video progressed it became hilariously obvious to me this bro’s agony is genuine.

I never saw the roommates, but based on the camera’s vantage point in many of the shots that dude is bigger than them, yet he never ceases to defecate himself whenever the roommates pull the prank out. Does this not look like a bro who’s about to have a heart attack?

At the end of that video I couldn’t help but wonder if that bro was amped to move out of that house after a year and never be startled in the shower again, or if that wasn’t the best year of his life living with those evil roommates. If anyone knows this bro we’d love to see the b-roll footage, as I’m sure there’s a whole lot more.