How To Cook The Infamous ‘Goodfellas’ Prison Sauce At Home Without Adding Too Many Onions Like Vinnie

by 2 years ago

The Goodfellas scene (above) where Henry Hill narrates how he and the gang would get together every night for a home-cooked meal behind bars is probably my favorite prison scene in movie history.

I’ve never stopped to consider if that scene was anything close to realistically representing what life was like for connected organized crime bosses back in the day. It’s a fantastic two and a half minutes of film, and if your memory is hazy you can watch that scene by hitting play on the video above before learning how to make the actual sauce prepared in Goodfellas.

Paulie used a razor blade to slice the garlic super thin so that it liquified in the pan. Everyone thought Vinnie put too many onions in the sauce, ‘three small onions’ accompanied by three tomatoes, which does seem like an awful lot of onions but the whole Goodfellas crew seemed to enjoy the sauce every night. The sauce which accompanied their fish. Nevertheless, Johnny Dio would give Vinnie shit for putting too many onions in the sauce.

I wish I could give you bros an itemized list of ingredients used to prepare this delicious sauce but unfortunately, there’s no text/physical recipe in the YouTube description and I’d rather make you bros watch the video and commit it to memory than me transcribe the Goodfellas recipe here only to have someone copy/paste it and blog it on another site as original work….Fuck, when did I become so crotchety?!?! I think it’s time for some chillaxing with edibles.

(found via TastefullyOffensive)

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