Google’s Travel Tool Now Tells You The Absolute Best Time To Book A Flight, Is Streets Ahead Of The Competition

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When the almighty Google sets its mind to something it does not fail. For several years now Google Flights has flown under the radar in comparison to the mainstream online flight trackers like Kayak and Cheap Flights, but Google‘s just dropped some new functionality that’s certain to put the squeeze on its competition.

Everyone in the third party flight booking business has ‘price tracking’, but none are as effective as Google’s. By turning on their new price tracking you’ll get emails telling you exactly when the flight you’re looking at is expected to go up in price, saving you hundreds of dollars:

To turn this on you simply head on over to and while booking you activate this feature from the drop down menu:

Turn on price tracking to receive emails with price changes and travel tips for this trip.
View and manage price tracking in Tracked prices.
Google Now also displays price changes and travel tips for your tracked flights. Google Now is available in the Google app on Android and iOS.

Over on Gizmodo, Editor Christina Warren says she tested this out last week and a flight that was $300 on Kayak ended up being $188 on Google Flights. I just priced out a flight from here in Florida to Reykjavik to London and it was $1455 on Google Flights vs. $1600+ on Kayak, so there’s definitely a reason to choose Google Flights over others for now.

(h/t Gizmodo via Engadget)

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