Google Is Now Useless Thanks To The Internet’s First Drake Search Engine

Google is the world’s largest search engine with the unrivaled ability to give you the exact information you need in nano-seconds. Drake is the world’s largest hip hop artist with an unrivaled ability to bring you to tears in nano-seconds. Have you ever wondered what would it would look like if the two coupled up to create something greater, more epic?

Well this is what it would look like:

Let Me Drake That For You is a search engine that relates any piece of information you request to the Grammy Award-winning artist. All you have to do is type in your inquiry into the Google-esque search bar and click “Drake Search,” where you’ll be presented with a collection of videos, articles, photos, and websites that most closely relate to your search. Clicking the “I’m Feeling Drizzy” button is unchartered territory for me but the second I start to feel even the slightest amount of Drizzy, I will utilize this feature.

I decided to put the Let Me Drake That For You search engine to the test with a few searches that most interest me.

Is Drake the type of dude to wipe tears from another guys face?

Does Drake have a VIP ticket to every successful team’s bandwagon?

We won’t judge, Drizzy.

It looks like even Drake’s scratching his head on this one…

But before I reveal too much info about myself, I’ll let you guys take the reigns. Go ahead, Drake-ify your searches.

[H/T Complex]

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