GoPro Captures The Moment This Guy Realized He Made A Mistake On The World’s Tallest Water Slide

by 3 years ago
gopro worlds tallest water slide fail

YouTube - Matt Hess

Remember that video we showed you of the world’s tallest water slide in Waco, Texas? Pretty sweet, huh? That’s what this guy Matt Hess thought too when he saw video of the Royal Flush at BSR Cable Park on Reddit. It’s not enough that you have to wear a life jacket just to go down the slide, he decided to up the ante and go down the slide backwards. That was a mistake. Thankfully, for us, he brought his GoPro.

“Went to that mega slide that made front page of Reddit last month – I was the only person brave enough to go down backwards and the only person stupid enough to not realize you’d smack your head on the incline – the look on my face is priceless,” he correctly writes in the video’s description.

There was one odd thing that stood out in his video though. It sure didn’t look very much like the original promotional video that we shared. Where are those people’s life jackets?

H/T The Daily Dot

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