Jaw-Dropping Footage Of A Water Slide In Texas Is Everything You Love About Summer

We’re only three days away from the first official day of Summer, and currently in the BroBible offices our A/C unit’s on the fritz so we’ve been melting inside BroBible HQ throughout this heat wave in the Northeast. When suffocating heat takes hold my mind begins to wander, and it goes to a beautiful oasis just like the ‘Royal Flush’ in Waco, Texas. I didn’t grow up in Texas, but I did live in Highland Park for a year. In my year living in TX I never made it to the ‘Royal Flush’, but I did make it to Schlitterbahn, one of the greatest water parks in the world. Therefore I trust that Texas knows how to do waterparks as well as any state in the nation, if not better.

This is my dream of Summer:

I know I’m not alone in associating Summer with water parks, right? Sure, the water park has lost the majesty of yesteryear. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s water parks were quite possibly the greatest amusement parks in America, and they were everywhere. I remember road trips with my family up the East Coast a young pup, and it seemed like everywhere we stopped there’d be a water park. Sadly, these day you need to drive hundreds of miles to find a good one. I guess I’m a sucker for nostalgia, and this 4k footage of the ‘Royal Flush’ in Waco hit me right in my nostalgia bone. Also, this video just looks damn good:

Bros, as I write out this blog post the heat hasn’t quite settled over us for the day, and I’m not so miserable at the moment. This will only last for another hour, at best. So I’d just like to take this opportunity to apologize to you bros, as I’ve noticed that in the past few days as our A/C has been shorting out there’s been a noticeable spike in my surliness as the day progresses. With each passing hour into the depths of the furnace I tend to ramble and rant my way into incoherence…So if you see me losing it throughout the day just let me know, hit me in the comments and tell me to get it together. My job is to do blog, not be a little beotch in the heat, and I need you to call me on my shenanigans.