This Grandma Who’s Too Goddamned Stupid To Understand How Texting Works Is Old People Everywhere In A Nutshell



Just kidding, I’m sure this grandma is a lovely woman who enjoys baking pies in the fall months that are then rejected by her bastard grandchildren because they’re all spoiled turds who are only present in her life because they’re waiting for the old lady to croak so they can claim the inheritance. I feel bad for her. Not only do her kids suck and her pies go uneaten but the poor broad doesn’t understand how texting works. Goddammit woman, my heartstrings can only take so much tugging before they snap.

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Plot twist: she’s actually senile and withering away in a nursing home which is why she can’t figure out how her phone works.

Gee whiz so much depressing hypothetical information in one post. Let’s quit while we’re ahead, shall we?