Watch These Grandmothers Attempt To Define Modern Slang Words If You Want To Feel Disconnected With Yours


As a narrow-minded twenty-something, I never considered my grandparents a part of my world. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them and their grandparent ways dearly, but I had a hunch that my binge-drinking, woman-chasing, weed-smoking ways didn’t really coincide with their righteous, virtuous lifestyles. I didn’t want to bring shame upon myself by giving them a glimpse into my deranged, spastic world so I showered and wore a sweater every time I saw them and described BroBible as a “journalistic publication for gentlemen” even though I had just posted about a dude passing out drunk and waking up with a fucking bike lock around his head. Don’t look at me like that, gramps.

So to see these grandparents, which could very well have been mine if, well, RIP, take a break from baking a quiche to spew off slang intended for the millennial generation is kind of violating. I feel like they’re scrolling through my internet search history or something. But I didn’t see any of them get up and leave out of disgust so that’s unlikely. Nonetheless, I’m glad my grandparents never had this opportunity because they passed away thinking I was a good kid lol.

P.S. …Would you?

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Ya, me either.

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