If You Have Grandparents In Southern California They Might Be Using Meth


Can you picture your Grandma doing meth? Because I can’t. Not just because she’s dead or anything, but because meth isn’t an old-people thing. Wearing sweaters with cats on them and using perfume that smells suspiciously like bug spray is an old people thing, not drugs. But hey, apparently I’m not “hip” with the times.

“A San Diego County man’s death highlights what one former addict considers a growing problem – more grandparents using meth.
Diana Julian, program manager for an East County regional recovery center is seeing an uptick in older meth users.
‘A lot of grandmas and grandpas are using meth and have been using for many, many years,’ Julian said.
In 2012, county health records show the majority of deaths attributed to methamphetamine were among Baby Boomers. Sixty-nine people age 50 to 59 died from meth intoxication. Thirteen deaths were among those 60 or older.
In 2013, meth intoxication was listed as the cause of death for 80 people age 45 to 54, 48 people age 55 to 64 and four people 65 or older.
Julian said an older person may resort to meth use because of declining health and may lack the support system to kick the habit.”

Via NBC Los Angeles

How the fuck do old people know where to get meth?? I don’t even know where to get meth. Not that I’m LOOKING for meth or anything, but I wouldn’t even know where to start. Are they just walking up to the scrangliest lookin’ blumpkin they see on the side of the road and asking for a gram? An ounce? See, I don’t even know how meth is measured. Fuckin’ old people.

[H/T Gawker]

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