Incredible Moment When Great White Shark Launches Itself Into The Air And Petrifies Passengers On Charter Boat

flying shark

Oh cool. Sharks aren’t satisfied with being universally feared in the oceans are now ready to terrorize the air. This amazing aerial assault by a great white shark is beautifully petrifying.

Haylee Weber and Hayley Stewart did their best David Attenborough impressions and caught this impressive moment when they were on a shark-diving tour with Calypso Star Charters in Port Lincoln, Australia. Because why not go into a shark’s turf to see how fucking scary they are.

Seagulls were feasting on the bait and out of fucking nowhere a great white shark leaps into the air. The majestic beast seized the bait in its bone-crushing jaw and splashes back into the ocean.


Mashable reports that sharks have to be traveling at nearly 25 MPH be able to leap out of the water.

Air sharks. Great.

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