Is This The Greatest ‘America’s Got Talent’ Audition Video Of All Time?

Despite making a career out of starring at the Internet and blogging about it all day while eating Apple Cinnamon Cheerios in my underwear, today is the first I’ve come across this incredible video that deserves to go viral. It’s exploding on a foreign Facebook page that ripped it and uploaded it to their page, but it dates back to 2011. It’s one intrepid Redneck’s amazing America’s Got Talent audition video and it truly might be the greatest audition video of all time.

This man is a knight in redneck clothing. He is what happens when you take the shredding talents of Eddie Van Halen on Van Halen III, the martial arts finesse of Bruce Lee, the reflexes of a mongoose, and the cheetah-esque sexual swagger of Kenny Powers and put them in a blender with one part Ole Milwaukee, one part crystal meth. He is my hero.

Shame on you, America’s Got Talent, for never making this man a star.

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