This Guy Was On The Run From The Authorities And His Last Day As A Free Man Was A Wild Fucking Ride

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Sometimes criminals who are wanted by the police come to their senses and think, “Can’t keep this up forever, might as well turn myself in and hope for the best. Maybe they’ll take it easy on me for being such a standup scumbag.” That’s what this guy (pictured above) did. He flagged down a cameraman from an Australian news channel on the side of a road and poured his heart out to him, basically went as far as calling himself a pussy. And he did it all on camera.

That lasted for like 5 seconds.

Then, the guy lost his senses again and thought, “This isn’t me. I don’t surrender. MOTHER FUCKING RENEGADES DON’T TURN THEMSELVES IN, BABAAAAY!” After having that epiphany, he pulled a gun on the cameraman, hijacked the guy’s car and took if for a joyride before crashing it into a gas station, which he would later try to blow up. Thankfully, the cops intervened before he took a match to the spilled gasoline.

Per Telegraph:

Australian TV news cameraman Peter Steer films the moment he was flagged down by a man on the run, who confesses to him, then has a sudden change of heart and steals his car at gunpoint before smashing into petrol station

With the police in pursuit, he managed to smash the car into a road sign outside a petrol station, before crashing into a gas tank causing it to leak fuel.

He then proceeded to ask a man at the petrol station for cigarette lighter while heading towards the leaking fuel container, before armed police arrested him.

That’s a helluva swan song. Watch it unfold below.

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