Watch This Guy Blow Up His Grandma’s Car In What Has To Be The Worst Prank Video I’ve Ever Seen

For the record, I don’t mind prank videos. The majority of them are stupid and tend to prey on idiots, but this one is different. This one preys on the host’s grandmother, and while you may be sitting there thinking “Awww, Rebecca cares for the elderly!” rip that thought right outta your head because LOL no. Elderly people are fine and all, but this video pisses me off because:

1. You’re asking the viewers to suspend their belief that the grandma didn’t know that you were going to fake blowing her car up, which is bullshit
2. If the grandma honestly did not know her car was going to be blown up, then what the hell she’s OLD and old people can’t handle that sort of thing
3. Really? You bought her a new car at the end? Was blowing her old car up in the first place actually necessary in that case? Come on. Stop pandering to the sentimental.

Oh, and the title on YouTube is “CRAZY Car Bomb Surprise PRANK!!” Calm your tits with the exclamation points dude, it’s not that great. Plus why did you capitalize “crazy?” Does that make it zanier than if you hadn’t capitalized it? I know I’m a bitch when it comes to grammar and such, but needless crap like this makes me cringe.

All in all, I give this a 2/10, and those two points are only because the guy’s grandmother seems like a sweet woman who I wouldn’t mind sipping tea with.

…and I hate tea.