Guy Experiences True Rejection Attempting To Crowd-Surf A Crowd That Wasn’t Interested In Catching Him

So I’m pretty sure that dude’s dead. Like, I can’t confirm because I can’t check his pulse, but there’s a slim chance he didn’t die from severe internal bleeding of the brain. Sure, he stood up, but chickens can live for a few days without a head. And this guy is clearly as intelligent as a chicken. Listen, I’ve never crowd surfed. My body’s not built for it. This doughy body would start oozing between everyone’s fingers like a fistful of Play-Doh and would just generally ruin the mood. But, if I ever was going to leap face first into a crowd of people who didn’t know me, I would probably spend a few moments making some eye contact with the people who are about to put their wrists at risk to gauge whether or not they’re willing to catch me. If they’re not making eye contact or holding their hands aloft, then I’m not jumping. Otherwise I’ll be scraping my face off of whatever floor I land on in hopes that I can find a doctor to sew it back on.

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