Guy Falls Asleep At Work, Wakes Up To The Internet Photoshopping Him In Hilarious Scenarios

I’ve always been a big advocate of mandatory naps at work. At my old job in the corporate world, I would take the liberty of sleeping in vacant cubicles on the abandoned end of the office. Just 15-40 minute cat naps to supply me with the energy to finish my internet surfing for the day. I woke up fresh, awake, focused, and on the floor.

And if you have a couch in your office and you don’t take weekly naps, you are wasting company resources and should be handed your pink slips. Simply unacceptable. So that’s why when Haukur Viðar Alfreðsson decided to get some rest on the company couch after staying up until 4 am watching the NBA Finals, it really hit home for me. And when his coworkers returned to find Haukur in full-on REM sleep, an extensive photoshop battle began. This, my friends, is why the internet exists.

Haukur, well-rested, explains himself,

“This picture was taken on lunch. My co-workers decided to go out to grab a bite to eat and I decided to take a nap. I had stayed up the night before watching the NBA playoffs. which start at 1am and finish at 4am, and I had to be in the office the next day at 9am. We often do this sort of prank where we take pictures of each other and alter them, but for some reason this time we decided to post it on our Facebook page.

Within a few hours my inbox was filling up with messages and I was getting contacted from all over the world asking me to speak on radio shows and appear on TV. It’s funny, because you always think that if you get famous, it will be because of something you did, but I got famous for taking a nap. It was the easiest achievement of my entire life.”

Aaaand scene.

[H/T LADbible, Photo Credit: Brandenburg.Is]

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