SHOTS FIRED — Guy Fieri Responds To Shade From Anthony Bourdain In The Great Foodie Beef Of 2015

Back in July, I went into detail about Anthony Bourdain’s on-going smugness towards Guy Fieri, everyone’s favorite mayor of Flavortown, purveyor of donkey sauce, Smash Mouth super fan, and the host of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. In an interview with Atlanta magazine, Bourdain sounded like an elitist foodie dick, rhapsodizing in his $200 skinny jeans if Fieri could “de-douche” and wondering if Man vs. Food host Adam Richman was the reason people joined ISIS. I’m not kidding. Here’s how much of a d-bag Bourdain came across as, via:

“The minute that you become a father, certain truths become immediately obvious to you. The first second you see your daughter’s head corkscrew out of the womb and open her eyes, they are pretty much saying ‘Lose the Ramones shirt.’

So I’ve made some adjustments in my life. So I sort of feel in a heartfelt way for Guy [Fieri]. I wonder about him. He’s 52 years old and still rolling around in the flame outfit… What does he do? How does Guy Fieri de-douche?”

Now, months later, we finally know what Guy Fieri thought about Bourdain’s asshole comments. In a must-read featured by Drew Magary over at GQ from last week, Magary asked Guy Fieri about Bourdain about the shade. Fieri sounds pissed. But more importantly, he is straight up calling Bourdain out on his whiny hipster pettiness. Via GQ:

“It’s actually disappointing,” Fieri says when I tell him about Bourdain’s show. “I don’t like him making fun of people, and I don’t like him talking shit. And he’s never talked shit to my face. I know he’s definitely gotta have issues, ’cos the average person doesn’t behave that way. It’s not that I’m not open to the reality that the food world was like this from a few people’s perspective. It’s just, What are you doing? What is your instigation? You have nothing else to fucking worry about than if I have bleached hair or not? I mean, fuck.”

Go read the full story at GQ…

The great foodie personality beef of 2015 is officially on. But I wonder what happened between the two to make the relationship go south? They appeared in public back in 2010 at the South Beach Food Festival and, based on the Getty Images pics, appear to be having pretty good time together. Something had to happen beyond just the foodie crowd in NYC making fun of Fieri in 2012 when his Times Square restaurant opened.

These two are in the straight up Biggie vs Tupac feud over food, one party on Team TGI Fridays and the other championing Per Se/Eleven Madison Park/Daniel and all those restaurants 98% of America will never dine in.
Can’t wait to see these two throw down. My money is on Guy delivering a KO on the Flavortown express then spackling Bourdain’s hair with donkey sauce.

*Guy voice* — “Shut the front door.”

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