Guy Hated His Mugshot So He Sent Police A Selfie Instead, Looks EXACTLY Like Carlton From ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’


Facebook/Lima Police Department

Your mugshot is something that’ll follow you around forever and ever, stalking you even after you’ve died and then showing up at your relative’s doorsteps to play ding-dong-ditch with a bag of dog poop in tow. In other words, your mugshot’s gotta be MINT — what would happen if someone Googled your name and found a janky AF mugshot? They’d probably assume you’re a meth head. What would happen if someone assumed you were a meth head? You wouldn’t get the job/Tinder date you’re going for. You’d then spend the next several years of your life in a downward spiral that would eventually end in either death or herpes. Same thing, really.

Donald “Chip” Pugh was completely aware of this exact line of logic, and realizing that he neither wanted to be dead OR have herpes, he decided to “fix” his mugshot by sending police a selfie that he deemed worthy of…well, himself:

Metro states that Pugh is wanted “for missing a court appearance, and is a person of interest in a few other cases — including arson and vandalism.” Whether or not he gave into the police’s request to go speak to the LPD about his charges, well, that still remains to be seen.

[H/T Metro]

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