Guy Hates His Wife So Much He Robs A Bank Just To Be Sent To Jail Away From Her, Is Actually A Genius

Lawrence John Ripple loves proving a point. The 70-year-old from Kansas City walked into a bank on September 2nd, handed the teller a note demanding money and stating that he had a gun, then went and popped a squat in the lobby with his newly “earned” $2,924 until police arrived.

Why? Just to prove to his wife how fucking annoying she is.

According to USA Today, Ripple was having an argument with his wife when he got the bright idea to get arrested instead of deal with her day in and day out. Writing the demand note in front of her, he told her that “he’d rather be in jail than at home” and promptly set off to the bank that was conveniently located only a block from a police station.

So not only did Ripple manage to prove his point and probably shut his wife up for good, but he didn’t even wind up in prison – a judge released him on Wednesday, as putting him behind bars for an extended length of time would’ve been a complete waste of taxpayer money. A dumb story for sure, but a smart guy at the center of it.

…not that you should try this at home to prove your own stupid point and win an argument with your girlfriend, but hey. Sometimes you gotta scoop low for that win.

[H/T USA Today]