This Guy Went Into The Hospital Because Of A Stomach Ache And The Doctors Told Him He’s A WOMAN With Period Cramps

Hey dude, just think about all the way worse explanations there could’ve been for your stomach pains. For example:

-Stomach cancer
-Spontaneous death by stomach pains
-A shark just hatched in your stomach and is eating you from the inside out

Yeah, I’d rather be on my period than be eaten by a shark. According to Mirror,

“The married 44-year-old from Zhejiang province, China, was in fact experiencing period pains, doctors told him.

And they were just as surprised as their patient to discover he had a full set of female reproductive organs as well as a penis – which had kept him and his wife happy for the past 10 years…

Intersex people may be genetically female, but physiologically male. Some will be true hermaphrodites, producing both eggs and sperm.

The man from Zhejiang province, China, visited his local doctor with his wife in Yongkang, where a CT scan showed the man had both a uterus and ovaries.

A further examination revealed he had a pair of female sex chromosomes. Therefore, genetically at least, Mr. Chen was in fact a woman.”

Eh, I’ll leave it to Brad Pitt to express my thoughts on this matter.