Guy Leaves Complimentary Note Filled With F-Bombs For Chef And That Must Have Been Some Burger

Eating Burger Angry

Did you ever have a meal so delicious it actually made you angry? It was so good you got pissed that the food you’d eaten prior to, and after, that meal was forever tarnished?

This guy had that experience and was so angry he needed to vent to the chef.

An Imgur user posted a picture of this note that his cousin, a chef at Illinois restaurant Burger Antics, got from a customer.

The note reads: “To the owner: F*CK you!! Your burgers are so f*cking good that all other food is ruined for me. Every experience here tops the previous one, and as tasty and delicious as it all is, I’m never satisfied. I always want more. Just 3 ounces more! Or 40! I live for your food, and I’d die for your food. And so, I leave you with this: I love you, f*ck you, Andy.”

And now we all have to go to Burger Antics.

[via Some eCards]