Guy Live-Tweets How He Got Stuck Hiding In Girl’s Closet After Her Real Boyfriend Comes Home

How hard is it to NOT get caught cheating? I’ve read so many stories where the cheater got buttfucked into submission after their significant other caught them that I’m almost tempted to go out and strike up a second relationship just to see how hard is actually is to hide from my boyfriend. It can’t be that hard. These people are just morons, right? Right?

Enter: Miles, the “hero” of our “story” who live-tweeted himself being stuck in a closet after his girl’s boyfriend came home. If the girl was smart, they’d be banging at his house and not hers – but again, we have to assume these people are operating on the most basic intellectual level here. “Hump hump make fuck” is apparently more pressing than the want to not get caught cheating.

And like any horny dude, Miles’ story started with a selfie of him sitting in a closet:

Congrats to Miles for making it out of there alive, but I wonder…how much longer is that relationship going to last before the boyfriend figures out what’s up? SMH, people are fucked these days.

[H/T LadBible]