This Guy’s Made Nearly $500k Dressing Up Like Britney Spears And No Lie I Can’t Tell The Difference Between The Two

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Okay, so that was sort of a lie — I definitely can tell the difference between Derrick Barry in full makeup against Britney Spears, but considering he’s a dude he does a really good fucking job at faking Britney. And before you go spouting off about plastic surgery and paying out the ass just for the sake of looking like a celebrity, no. Derrick is all natural and just happens to be really, really good at makeup.

As well as wanting to be called by his own name, he also insisted he had had no plastic surgery done. His make up routine, from shaving to walking out on stage as Britney, takes up to 90 minutes.

‘I guess I can just thank my parents for really good genes’ he said of his resemblance to the singer.(via)

As for what Derrick looks like in full Britney makeup, well…let’s just say it’s nothing short of impressive. But first, here’s Britney:

And now here’s Derrick:


[H/T Metro]

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