Guy Pranks His Girlfriend On Their Anniversary By Having Near-Naked Blonde Walk In During Their Skype Session

Does ANYONE here believe that girlfriend, the one person in this video whose reaction is supposed to be genuine, was actually unaware of the impending “prank”? Her acting is awful, and even if she ISN’T acting then the blonde bikini girl’s acting is horrible enough for the two of them, yeesh.

If my boyfriend did this to me on our anniversary he’d have to do a LOT more to make it up to me than just fly out to visit – I’m talking steak dinner (well, cheeseburger in my case), shopping spree, putting his dishes in the dishwasher and not the sink for once – the whole shebang, buddy. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t assuage me with superficial gifts and by being my whipping bitch for a day.

That basket of laundry over there needs folding, by the way.