Watch This Guy Walk Around Pretending He Was Drafted In The NBA Draft And See How Long It Takes Girls To Flock To Him

Apparently all it takes to convince people that you were drafted in the NBA draft is to be really, really tall and at least passable at lying. Elite Daily’s Connor Toole possesses both of those traits, allowing him to fake like he’s a brand spankin’ new player for the Utah Jazz that they nabbed as their second-round pick, 42nd in the draft. According to Connor,

I’m almost 7 feet tall, I have an ill-fitting suit and a beard I don’t trim enough, so I figured I’d fit right in with the players nervously awaiting their fates. To test this theory, I braved the 15-minute walk from my apartment to the arena to see if I could convince people I was part of this class of untapped potential.

And convince he did.

[H/T Elite Daily]