Wiseass Pulls Over A Cop For A Broken Headlight, Let’s Him Off With Warning

by 4 years ago

My how the tables have turned. Getting pulled over for a broken headlight is beyond frustrating. It’s like my girl reminding me I have a small pecker. Of course I am aware of the problem babe, and if I could fix it, I would. Maybe it would grow if you put your lips on it. For once. Officer, If I had the cash to get my headlight fixed, it would be fixed. But I don’t get paid for two weeks and I just bought lunch with nickels.

It’s good to see this little shit expose this officer for his hypocrisy. The officer really didn’t have an angle to counter his point either. It’s like me telling my nephew not to smoke and having him walk in on me ripping a gravity bong hit. There’s no way to spin that. Especially when I’m stoned.