Guy On NYC’s F Train Viciously Smacks A Woman In The Face, An All-Out Brawl Erupts

From the beginning of the video, up until the girl gets smacked, it seems like she can’t help herself when it comes to talking shit at the guy who eventually winds up being unable to help himself when it comes to hitting her. Of course, we don’t know the whole story, but one YouTuber tried to describe what lead to the melee:

for those wondering what’s going on
it started midway in their altercation but she was dissing the guys clothing being out of style and cheap. then she said she had steve madden shoes on when the the guy filming said nobody wants steve madden shoes anymore (indicating that her style was old too) so she moved over to attack that guy, later on they’re back in their original positions and the tall guy was like “i dont know why you’re mad at me though i didn’t say/do anything” and the girl was making fun of his heavy accent/lisp and called him stupid that’s when the tall guy called her out for being a bitch this is when the girl hit the tall guy with a weapon (her heels) and the tall guy had to set her in her place….then the white knight had to step in and subsequently get put in his place too

The moment the “man smacks the soul out of girl on the NY subway” (whoever named that YouTube video has a career in Internet headline writing) occurs around the 1-minute mark.

[H/T Gawker]

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