Guy Tags Hot Girls In Facebook Statuses When They Ignore His Messages And SHOCKER, It Doesn’t Work Like He Hoped

If you clicked on this hoping for a rock-solid strategy on catching women hook, line and sinker, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you’ve come to the wrong place. Not only did the title basically spell out “This is the best way to jumpstart a dry spell,” but on what planet did you think that tagging a girl in your Facebook status was a good way to get attention? That shit might work on Mars, but on Earth? Nah. You just a fucking creep.

But at least you haven’t tried doing that yet, right? Right. You are a smart, independent man who don’t need no FB to get laid. So the next time you’re feeling desperate, take a quick gander at the screenshots below and repeat the following to yourself:

I will never, ever be so thirsty that I tag a girl on Facebook just for attention. No pussy is worth that level of pathetic. I repeat, NO PUSSY IS WORTH THAT LEVEL OF PATHETIC:

Cripes. Dude makes Peppy Lepieu look good.

[Via Imgur]