Bro Teaches Himself To Do A Backflip In One Afternoon, Learns That Drinking Helps With Rotation

The main takeaway I got from this is that alcohol helps speed up the learning curve. If you want to learn to do a backflip fast then all you need to do is start drinking, right?

Anyways, my favorite thing about this bro who spent an afternoon teaching himself to do a backflip is the #1 comment:

Former male cheerleader here.
You probably could have learned it in about 20 minutes if you had an educated spotter. All you’ve got to do is jump straight up and throw your knees to your chest. Back tucks are usually pretty easy for dudes to get down.

Sure, he could’ve learned in record time with a spotter on a foam mat in a gym full of jabronis. But this bro took the high road and taught himself. Not only that but the only PED’s he used was alcohol. Everyone knows that male cheerleaders don’t get tested for Vitamin S and inject that Winstrol on the regular….Or at least that’s the rumor I’m going to spread starting right now.

Anyways, mad props to this bro for setting out to learn something in an afternoon and hitting his goal. A lot of bros are out there this Summer trying to drink the days away and aren’t concerned with ways that they can better themselves…Not that being able to do a backflip makes you a better person, but you get my point, I think, fuck if I know. (h/t reddit/videos)