Bro Comes Up With Ingenious Trick To Fool A Girl Into Thinking He’s In Bed And Not Out Drinking


James Greatorex, Twitter

We’ve all been there at one point or another. We want to go out drinking with the fellas, but a girl is cramping our style.

So what is a bro to do? Listen to her? HA! Right!

Instead, how about doing what this genius, 20-year-old James Greatorex, did?

Not only did he come up with a way to trick a girl into thinking he was home and not out pounding beers, he did it in a way that she would be sure not to bother him the rest of the night. And he did it all with the help of just a couple of coats and Snapchat’s black and white filter.


James explained the reason behind the ruse to Metro

“The reason I pretended to be in a bed was because a girl continuously sent me naked pictures of herself which I really didn’t enjoy. I was with my friends; Matt, Pippa, Jade and Joey at Portishead Wetherspoon’s […] when one of them joked my coat could be used as a bed. Then Matt held the coat behind my head and everyone agreed it did! Joey grabbed the other side so it would look like a pillow whilst Jade passed me her coat to use as a pretend duvet!”

Uh, hang on a sex, I mean sec. He did it because a girl continuously sent him naked pictures of herself which he really didn’t enjoy? How was this quote not investigated further?!!

Oh well.

Naturally, reactions to his trick, which did fool her until he came clean, were mixed…

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