Guy Trolls Craigslist Idiot Looking To Buy An Xbox One, Idiot Never Realizes What’s Happening Because He’s An Idiot

by 3 years ago


When you’re shopping for cheap electronics on Craigslist it never hurts to make sure you’re texting the right number – if not, you could wind up wasting a whole two days texting some random guy who not only has no Xbox, but decided to troll your dumb ass because you were to stupid to realize a joke when you read one.

Then again, this guy clearly had it coming to him. Who texts a Craigslist seller at 4 a.m.? That’s just bad karma; guy may as well be saying “Please, for the love of god do NOT sell me anything and please string me along as far as possible until I either give up or die. Knowing that I have the brain functionality of a gerbil, this may take a while”:


CoryScott93/ Imgur


CoryScott93/ Imgur


CoryScott93/ Imgur


CoryScott93/ Imgur


CoryScott93/ Imgur

No word yet on whether or not the guy ever got his Xbox One, although judging from this conversation it’s also highly likely he forgot how to breathe and died in the meantime. Who knows?

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