Guy Tweets About Police Surrounding His Home, Police Tweet The Most Typical Response Right Back At Him



If the local police squad is:

A. Waiting outside your house for you to come out


B. Following you on Twitter


C. Replying to the tweets you’re sending as you hide in your home

You’re more likely than not fucked. If watching Die Hard every Christmas season has taught me anything, it’s that they’re only talking to you politely as a distraction while mini SWAT tanks roll up to the front of your house to break down your door. Or maybe the Frisco Police Department are just full of really, really polite officers:

// you’re trying to avoid jail maybe slappin’ your dick around your phone while the Twitter app is open isn’t the best idea. In any case, Frisco PD thought they would at least try to get him to come outside using the power of politeness:


Awww please AND thank you? They’re pulling out all the stops for this guy – but in the end it didn’t matter.


Or maybe he’s just trying to mindfuck them and he’s actually hiding in a closet wearing only his underwear fucking around on Twitter. 50/50 chance either way.

[H/T Elite Daily]