Guy Wears Camera To Show What It’s Like For A White Man To Walk Around NYC For 10 Hours

Earlier this week, we posted a viral video of a woman walking around NYC for 10 hours. It showed her having to endure various comments — most were attempts at flattery — from over 100 men. What many don’t realize is this woman was an actress who was hired to do this by a man. That man wanted to make a video to showcase the “harassment” women are forced to deal with walking around this city and public in general. In the 10 hours, they walked through Midtown, Soho, Harlem, Brooklyn Bridge, South Ferry area and Queens.

The beauty of the Internet is that it gives everyone a voice, which means that the masses were naturally divided about whether or not the type of behavior by the men is the video was harassment. Some thought women should take the random, unsolicited comments from strangers as a compliment and shut the fuck up about it, while others also saw the actions in this video as a form of harassment. If you ask me — for the record, I know you haven’t — random strangers saying anything to me in public is right up there with sitting on a Judas Cradle for an extended period of time or, like, 5 seconds.

Anyway, the folks at Funny or Die thought that video was ripe for parody. So they recreated the entire thing with a man.