This Guy’s Hilarious Amazon Product Review Of A Horse Head Mask Is Going Viral



You know what I fucking hate? I fucking hate describing something as “hilarious.” Like who am I to tell you what is or isn’t funny? Maybe you have a shitty sense of humor and only find snuff films funny, or maybe you have an even shittier sense of humor and consider Ridiculousness to be better than Tosh.O. I don’t know you. I don’t know what you find funny.

Hopefully this guy’s review of a stupid horse head mask on Amazon will at least make you chuckle, otherwise I wasted about 2 minutes of your life making you read this post. That’d be a bummer, but then again I don’t know what else you’d be doing on BroBible if not wasting time. It’s 11:10 on a Tuesday, don’t you have work to be doing?



The comments are even worse:



I’m not normally one to get pissed at someone’s inability to write coherent sentences (that’s a lie), but jeeeeezzz “abdullah alhatab” writes like a premature baby with dyslexia: completely and utterly stupid.

[H/T Mirror]