Guys and Girls Share Their Embarrassing Sexting Mistakes

by 5 years ago


Sexting is everywhere these days: People are sexting at home, at work, in their cars, in their bathtubs. There’s nothing more embarrassing than flubbing your sext game, though, amirite, Bros? Here are a handful of sexting confessions that our friends at the Whisper app passed along:

My brother...just sent a sext...that he meant to send to his girlfriend. Oh my fucking lord. I can't unsee that.


I accidentally sent a sext to my supervisor today. I still have a job.


I was involved in two online relationships once and while I was sexting one, I called him the other's name.


I've dropped my phone in water several times because I was sexting in the bathtub. Oops.


Yesterday I was sexting so much I blue balled myself


My phone died and my charger broke during an intense 3 hour sext.


we were sexting and he wrote mom instead of mmmm.... #climaxkilled