People Are Enraged Over This Douchebag’s Harsh Judgement Of A Blind Date

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Dating is a crap shoot, as it should be. If finding your soul mate was as easy as a multiple choice take home test, we’d be incapable of truly appreciating the special ones. I myself have kissed a few frogs in my day. Not figuratively, but like, I’ve actually tongued a few amphibians. I was living at home after college and Tinder wasn’t a thing yet. Whatever, it was a dark time, don’t @ me.

Finding a substantial relationship in the digital dating age is even more difficult due to the paradox of choice. We now have the luxury of being super picky and critical from the start because in our minds, there are one billion other profiles that could be better for us. So, instead of toughing out the trivial flaws like ‘she showed up 5 minutes late’ or ‘she likes cats,’ we dismiss potential suitors prematurely to adhere to our delusional belief of ‘love at first sight.’ It’s a vicious cycle and we’re equally at fault for it than the social construct we indulge in.

That’s why we hear so often hear the phrases ‘Ugh, it’s so hard to date in New York City’ or ‘She was cool, smart, and pretty, but there’s just something missing.’ I myself was like this before I met your mother. Just kidding bro, that was only a one night thing. But for the record, she wanted more.

Ok, enough with the diatribe.

Time Out New Yorka regionally centric publication, has created a series called The Undateables, aimed at setting up two people who swear they cannot find love. After the date, each of them assesses how it went based on various criteria–first impression, chemistry, etc.

The most recent chapter sent Alyssa, a 24-year-old video production manager, out on a date with Billy, a 24-year-old actor. Now, both of them know that their assessment of the date will be posted online for thousands to see, so they’d be crazy to come off as dicks. Welp, my friends, you have not met Billy.


Dude, I don’t care if Alyssa made fun of your dead grandmother before she sat down, you be a fucking gentleman, especially if your responses are going to be plastered all over the internet. Internet 101 stuff.

As you can imagine, Billy didn’t make too many friends on the inter webs.

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