This Guy’s Story About A Drunk Girl Wandering Into His Apartment Is The Exact Definition Of What A “Bro” Move Is


facebook / cory rindone

Sometimes people reading this site don’t understand what being a “Bro” is, and get it mixed up with being a “douchebag,” “white supremacist” and “toolbag frat boy who pounds pussy and crushes beer like it’s his day job.” For the record, being a “Bro” is none of those things and more in line with what Cory Rindone and his friends did for some random drunk chick that wandered into their apartment. They didn’t ridicule (aside from the general “wtf” and standard Snapchat) or kick her to the curb to fend for herself, but instead helped out a fellow human being just like anyone should. Here’s his story, via Facebook:

Thought this might be appreciated. My roommate was sitting on the couch last night at about 1 AM when the door randomly opened and an incoherent drunk girl came stumbling into our apartment. Mind you, we are in our mid-twenties and do not live in a college town. We live in a decent Charlotte, NC apartment complex about a 10 minute drive from downtown. The complex houses many young professionals that like to party, but this was certainly not the norm.

After trying to explain to her that we didn’t know her and she was in the wrong place (without any semblance of a human response), she began taking off her shoes and getting comfortable on our couch. That is about the time I received these texts from my roommate (upper left picture). I happened to just be getting home at the same time from the movies (Hunger Games – 7.5/10) and was quite amused by the whole situation. Without giving us any hints as to where her friends were, or what she was doing in our apartment (Stephen Hawking had better oratory skills), she decided to lay down, grab a blanket, and pass out for the night right in our living room.

Being the kind-hearted Bros that we are, we let her sleep it off and put a note on her pillow to give her an idea of what she had done the night before, with the simple request of not burglarizing our home, along with a glass of water to start her on her journey when she awoke. We definitely got a good laugh out of it and the story will most certainly be passed down to future generations, but let that be a lesson to any future Bros in a similar situation: we’ve all been there. A simple act of kindness can go a long way. She could’ve stumbled into a much worse situation. As a buddy so eloquently put it: “she’s lucky as shit y’all aren’t creepy.”

UPDATE: 6 AM check – her walk-of-shame has commenced. She has vacated the premises and left the glass of water half-empty. Or as I prefer to see it, half-full.

Now THAT…is what you call a Bro move.


facebook / cory rindone

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