This ‘Gym For Millennials’ Parody Would Make Bank If It Were Real

by 5 years ago
gym for millennials

YouTube - Razmig

This parody video hilariously portraying a fictional gym “with millennials in mind” will probably be a reality in less than two years. That’s because, although this is a parody video, it is so spot-on and so perfect for real millennials you just know it’s actually going to happen.

“Fully equipped with hundreds of machines and broadband high speed Internet. Dozens of benches where you can comfortably check your Twitter feed or browse Netflix to find the perfect movie to watch TV to. And a wide-selection of blue-tooth enabled cardio machines fitted to support your tablets. We’ve got wall to wall mirrors so you can snap the best selfie.”

Someone’s going to make a mint with this idea. Just watch.

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