‘Gym Wildlife’ Perfectly Mocks Every Single Person At Your Gym — Including You

“Across the gym wilderness, one lone gym goer stakes his claim and flails his fists in an act of primal dominance. But, for who? With no intention of mating or engaging in conflict with another male, one has to wonder ‘what the fuck is he doing?'”

That line right there KILLED ME.

The Gym. Millions of homo sapiens frequent this urban wilderness. Today we will take a look into this strange place and show you the gym like you’ve never seen it before.

And they absolutely nailed it. The New Year’s Resolution chick, the screamer, the grunter, the starer, the lurker, the bros, the fitness babe freaks, even the “girls gutsy enough to walk into the free weight area” are represented in this hilarious “Gym Wildlife” parody.

So which one are you? I’m the hot chick with the arm tat. Without a doubt.

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