Watch This Half Naked Guy On Drugs Jump Off A Bridge, SPLAT Onto Pavement, Then Get Up And Stroll Off To The Sunset

If you ever need an argument on why drugs aren’t “that bad” for you and how the war on drugs is a complete waste of money, look no further than this half naked guy cracked out of his mind in Mexico. Any normal guy would’ve jumped off a bridge and died, but not Hilario Guajardo! Nope, Hilario jumps off a bridge, splats onto the ground, then gets up and waltzes away like accidental suicide attempts are a daily occurrence in his life, akin to farts, eating breakfast and taking a solid afternoon shit after a fiber-filled lunch.

According to Mirror, Hilario was trippin’ his balls off on a “drug cocktail.”

Officers were called after reports of a disturbance in the city of Tijuana, Mexico.
They found Guajardo stripped off to the waist and spoiling for a fight.

But when he was faced with armed police he ran off down a main road before coming face to face with another patrol that had cordoned off the far side of the bridge.

As officers closed in, Guajardo, 35, vaulted the bridge.

Via Mirror

Police eventually caught up with Guajardo, presumably while he was casually getting ready to snort a fat line of Ketamine and go skydiving without a parachute.

[H/T Mirror and Gawker]