This Family Probably Went Slightly Overboard With The Halloween Decorations, Unless You’re Into Throat-Slitting

Alright, it’s not as offensive as the ISIS-themed Halloween decorations but this Parma, Ohio family might have taken things slightly too far with their sadistic lawn display.

The decorations looks like the set of the next “Saw” movie during a dress rehearsal. It’s littered with hanging bodies with all sorts of sharp implements stuck in them that are caked in blood. One display featured a crucified woman who is upside down large nails in her wrists and syringes stuck in her neck. Another features a man impaled on a pole with the business end of a machete lodged in his mouth. And before you ask, yes, they are dummies and not real people.

Neighbors are complaining because the display is scaring the shit out of their young kids. “If we wanted to see dead bodies on the front lawn just a couple feet away from where our kids play, we would live in Cleveland” said nobody, I just wanted to make fun of Cleveland.

The family has no plans to take it down, or tone it down, so I’m suggesting either people move or really load up on eggs for mischief night.

[via Man’s Life]

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