Neighbors Are Up In Arms Over This Home With Extremely Graphic ISIS Halloween Decorations

A Halloween display has caused outrage amongst local residents in Butler, New Jersey. Instead of ghosts, goblins and ghouls, these grisly decorations feature a U.S. soldier hanging by his neck with a blood-stained American flag draped around him, a tortured captive dressed in the infamous orange jumpsuit standing in a cage waiting for their demise and an ISIS terrorist dressed in all black wielding a bloody machete.

On September 11, Bill D’Catt put up his Halloween decorations, but it wasn’t the extremely early Halloween display that angered his neighbors, it was the macabre and all too realistic ISIS-themed scene that riled residents.

At one point he had an ISIS terrorist with the face of President Barack Obama.

Matt said he took down the Obama mask and doesn’t plan to put it back up because he likes the ski mask better.


“It really created a huge uproar,” said Butler homeowner Barbara Victor.

“I don’t support it,” another neighbor said. “I don’t think a lot of other neighbors do.” Other neighbors described the decorations as “anti-American” and “tasteless.”

“We choose to be on the spookier side of Halloween,” D’Catt defended his scary display. “You know what’s scarier than this thing? The real ISIS.”

“This is an anti-ISIS setup here. In no way is it meant to put down America in any sort of way,” D’Catt said.

D’Catt put this display up on Sept. 11. After getting threats and losing some of the display items to thieves, he installed cameras.

“We didn’t mean to offend anybody.” D’Catt said.

D’Catt argues that his decorations are definitely not anti-American, and argues that his critics were trying “to stifle his freedom of speech.”

“We in this house do not like ISIS,” said the homeowner. “What greater scary man is there than the real threat among us?”

Since he put the decorations up, they have been stolen and vandalized, prompting D’Catt to set up security cameras to monitor his decorations and property.

Bill Ecks, a friend of D’Catt, said most of the criticism received wasn’t from people who live in the area, but rather from “social justice warriors with hurt feelings.”

He has since taken the horrifying decorations down, but plans to bring the scary scene back the day before Halloween.

So did this guy go too far or is this a harmless Halloween decoration that is clearly within his First Amendment rights?


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