Mizzou Students Burn ISIS Flag During Rally On Campus


Over 150 students chanted “USA! USA! USA!” and the infamous black and white flag of ISIS was lowered into the flames. This was the scene on Thursday at the quad at Missouri University as an anti-ISIS and flag burning rally by Mizzou students took place.

The Young Americans for Liberty hosted the ceremony and provided “food, music and freedom,” in hopes of raising awareness to the savage devastation done by the abhorrent terrorist group as well as to recognize the hundreds of thousands of victims at the hands of Islamic State.

Ian Paris, the 21-year-old president of the Young Americans of Liberty, had the honor of burning a homemade version of the dubious ISIL flag at the Mizzou columns. It looks so much better when an ISIS flag is being burned instead of an American flag.


In the Facebook invitation to the event titled “Muck ISIS” they detailed their reasoning for the rally:

US Middle East Policy has led to the rise of radical Islam in the countries in which we have toppled secular dictators. Not only that, but ISIS has risen to power on the back of US Taxpayers.

ISIS is riding around the region in $1Billion of US Humvees. (That you and I paid for).

ISIS is paying their soldiers in $1Billion of US cash left in the region (That you and I paid for)

900 Tons of weapons have been shipped into the area, paid for, again, by the US.

We want to tell Washington, not that we want another perpetual war in the Middle East, but that they need to stop borrowing money from China to fund extremist groups that chant “Death to America”.


“We figured that symbolically burning a flag has been used repeatedly against United States,” Paris told KOMU-TV8. “We think it’s about time that has been turned around and used to express our disdain.”

However not everyone was all for the flag burning.

“We are an organization that doesn’t stand for violence in any way,” said Zakaria El-Tayash, president of the Muslim Student Organization at MU. “Their message from what I understand is good. Their intentions may be good. I just don’t believe in the way that they are approaching the situation.”

There were also certain individuals who worried that the campus and students would be targeted by ISIS or Islamic State sympathizers as revenge for the protest.


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