Here are the 10 Most Hated Men in America

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Disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has come out of nowhere to claim the title of most-loathed man in America. Congratulations, sir. Never before has a Cinderella danced so clumsily.

Sterling engendered more hate than a few bona fide criminals, including some possible murderers — and other list mainstays like Justin Bieber. People refuse to warm to The Biebs no matter how legendary his exploits.

Young men found the octogenarian especially reviling.

The company said that, out of the people that were familiar with the Los Angeles Clippersowner, 92 percent said they disliked him. In the impressionable 13-24 year old male demographic, 97 percent disliked him, according to the poll.

The future of hatred is bright, my friends.

How was this list compiled? Why, only by using the most exact polling known to man.

“Donald Sterling made these callous statements and then he has more than doubled down on them since then,” said Jerry Philpott, president and CEO of E-Poll, which said it polled 1,100 people between 13-49 whose demographics were representative of the U.S. population.

Who belongs on this list that isn’t mentioned? And who is being unfairly lumped into this bunch of miscreants?





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