This Haunted House In California Is So Scary That They Make People Sign A Waiver Before Entering

The fact that people actually enjoy having the literal shit scared out of them always seems to amaze me. I hate it. I have no desire to feel anxiety for 30 straight minutes on a haunted ride. That’s not what makes me feel ALIVE. Different strokes, I suppose.

If a regular, ho-hum haunted house or hayride isn’t my speed, then The 17th Door in Tustin, California is so much not my speed, it might as well be traveling at the speed of fucking light in the other direction.

Check out the trailer for this 17-room, 30-minute experience that is so intense they make people sign a waiver before entering. And notice how they may or may not be mutilating actual fetal pigs.

Like I said, not my cup of diet soda. I don’t like being touched, let alone by a stranger in a pig mask with a machete in his hands. The waiver goes out the door at that point. But according to some of the comments on YouTube, people are loving it.

You wont regret it!!! I had so much fun and was scared at the same time. Yes u may have to eat a thing or two u may get wet and yes the separate yoy from ur group twice!! At the 17th door i thought they forgot about me cause they leave you in there for so longggggg!!!! BEST MAZE HANDS DOWN!!!

I’ve been to this this last week it’s fucking awesome everyone should go they even make u sign a waiver so they are not responsible if you’re traumatized after 30 minutes if you survive the only way out is either make it all the way to the end or yell mercy and then they’ll let you outside to make it through this just think that all the people in there Are just actors and they just humans they’re not real it may look real but it’s not it’s all An act that’s the only way to beat the fear and the scare

Then there is this guy…

Spooky place for pussies.. Want to get real experience? Take a walk in cemetery during night. Visit different color gang quarter. That’s REAL. Not some lame actors in a room, which you can punch to death knowing they’ll do absolutely NOTHING to you…

Yeah…I think he is missing the point.

[H/T Unilad]