Did You Know That You Can Cure A Headache Using Nothing But A Wooden Pencil?

Do you bros get headaches? Because I get A LOT of headaches and I know I’m not alone in this. When I was a kid it was even worse, I was getting migraines on the regular. This was probably tied to the fact that I was clumsy af when I was a kid, and had multiple concussions due to things like slamming on my front wheel brake while mountain biking an tumbling over the handlebars and down a mountain (and other stupid shit like that). I’ve even seen a neurologist for my headaches because they so debilitating at times.

Little did I know there’s a life hack out there to fix headaches, and all it requires is a #2 wooden pencil. Well, this applies specifically to tension headaches, which are actually the most common headaches of all.

The Express sat down with Dr. Jane Leonard, an aesthetic specialist, and she gave them this one simple life hack that can defeat tension headaches in no time:

The expert said simple relaxation techniques such as massaging the jaw and forehead, gentle jaw stretching exercises or opting for softer foods can help.
And apparently, so can pencils, which holistic approaches recommend as an effective way to treat tension headaches and TMJ dysfunction.

According to the expert, holding a pencil between your teeth – but not biting it – can help relax your jaw muscle.
Dr. Leonard said: “This is an exercise to try to relax the chewing muscles, which are in spasm in TMJ dysfunction.
“Holistic approaches are recommended as an effective way to treat tension headaches and TMJ dysfunction. Addressing the underlying cause, for example stress and anxiety is more effective than medication alone.”

No. More. Headaches.

Just clench down on that wooden pencil and all of your pain will begin to ease…assuming your headache is a tension headache.

For more on this you can click on over to the Express

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