Heartwarming Chat Between Father And Son On If It’s Disrespectful To Ask A Girl If She Sucks Dick First Time You Meet

You may remember this same father and son duo when they attempted to solve another pressing quandary last month. The son impregnated a girl, who was not his girlfriend, and desired to terminate the pregnancy. He boldly asked his father for the money for the abortion, but his father gave him something much more valuable… tough love.

Well it seems that the lad has learned his lesson because he is now asking for fatherly advice about a matter that is far more unlikely to result in an unplanned pregnancy – sucking dick.

The son informs his patriarch that when he first meets a woman he asks her, “Do you suck dick?” The dad vehemently disagrees and feels as though it’s disrespectful.

The son enthusiastically rebuts that his query is merely “keeping it real.”

The father attempts to instill some knowledge and guidance by telling his son, “You don’t go up to no woman and say some shit like that.”

The young gentleman masterfully rephrased his inquiry to be a bit more courteous, “Excuse me, but no disrespect ma’am, but do you suck dick?” Now that does seem to be a bit more respectful and tactful.

During the touching tête-à-tête, the son skillfully points out that women will “ask if you eat pussy doe.”

The son poses an intricate scenario to the father that takes him for a loop,” So if she don’t suck no dick, you still gonna eat her out?” The father contemplates and finally replies, “I don’t know what I might do.”

“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters” – George Herbert.