Weatherpocalypse 2016: If You Think It’s Hotter Than Balls Outside You’re Not Going Crazy, It’s A Record Heat Wave

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There’s a truly suffocating heat wave crushing America this week. If I didn’t watch/read the news I wouldn’t know about this heat wave because I happen to live in Florida, and it’s hot as balls all year long (today’s expected high in my hometown is 87). But for the rest of the nation that crisp Autumn air is nowhere to be found, which is peculiar when we’re this far into the month of October.

On Monday, over 25 cities across America experienced all-time heat records (for the date of October 17th) and today more than 40 cities are expected to see records broken. Dodge City, Kansas hit 100 DEGREES yesterday!!!

If you’re wondering what’s causing this suffocating October heat wave we can turn to CNN Meteorologists Rachel Aissen and Brandon Miller to explain what’s happening:

A “Bermuda High” has set up a southwesterly flow of air over land. As that air continually passes over hot, dry land, it picks up more heat from the earth, which has been warmed by the mid-autumn sun.
Gusty, dry winds will also increase on Tuesday along with the heat. Record warmth will settle in, with temperatures again soaring into the 80s and 90s for many locations.
The core of the warmest temperatures will reside in the South and Southeastern U.S., but record-breaking temperatures will extend north, all the way up to Chicago, and eastward to New York City and Boston.
In fact, New York City could set seasonal highs on Tuesday and Wednesday, as temperatures climb into the 80’s, breaking records that have stood since 1928.
The combination of hot temperatures and gusty winds will create dangerous fire conditions for much of the Central Plains, with close to 6 million people under red flags warnings. They indicate that conditions are ripe for fires to start and spread rapidly once they are sparked.

This is a nationwide heat wave and not just one of those heat waves that hits NYC and gets a crazy disproportionate amount of media coverage because most mainstream media organizations film out of Manhattan…You know the ones I’m talking about, it happens every Summer whenever a heat wave hits NYC and every Winter when the POLAR VORTEX!!!! dips low enough to touch the Northeast.

When it’s hot like this (in the 80’s) it’s hard to get out there and do traditional ‘Fall’ activities like Oktoberfest celebrations, haunted houses, pumpkin patch trips, etc…But Winter is coming, so I guess anyone pissed about this suffocating heat now should chill because Jack Frost is just behind, and much of the nation won’t see temperatures this warm until late next Spring.

(h/t CNN Weather)

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