This Heineken Commercial About The World In 2017 Is Everything Kendell Jenner’s Pepsi Commercial Was Not

Kendall Jenner’s tone-deaf Pepsi ad about solving America’s problems by handing a cop a can of Pepsi was, without a doubt, one of the biggest corporate blunders of 2017. It missed the mark on so many levels: That there are actual reasons people are pissed off and protesting and some dumb can of soda isn’t going to solve that. But you know what does? Talking. Dialogue. Opening your mind to new ideas, new paradigms of thought. Thinking about the world in a way that isn’t so… bullying and oppressive.

Unless you’re a complete recluse, some of the most constructive conversations you’ll ever have in life are over a beer with a stranger. That’s why this Heineken commercial is so perfect — Yeah, we all see the world through different lens. But chatting face-to-face to someone who has a different worldview as you over a beer is the ultimate way to build common ground. It’s where, on an individual level, our raw humanity shines.

So props to Heineken for getting it right. Now if they could only bring back the stubbie bottles, *maybe* we’ll finally have the peace the world deserves.

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